The Luggie will give you a new lease on life. Take it anywhere: in your car, on a plane or train, or on a cruise. 

Luggie Technology

Designed by German and Taiwanese engineers and manufactured in Taiwan, the Luggie is the most sophisticated lightweight portable mobility scooter on the market.

Highly Engineered

Fully Adjustable

Full or Half Fold


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“Hi, I am very satisfied Luggie Standard owner for 4 years. l am looking to upgrade from my Luggie Standard to a Luggie Elite Deluxe with wider wheelbase, pneumatic tyres and suspension.

Vikki P, Country Victoria, January 2022

How To's

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How To: Folding

Find out how to Fold the Luggie

Loading 2

How To: Loading

Find out how to Load the Luggie

Box - unpacking

How To: Unpacking

Find out how to Unpack the Luggie

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Register your Luggie with us today to ensure you are covered for warranty. When you register your Luggie we will provide you with access to our member’s page that contains documentation you’ll need for travel on IATA members’ aircraft.

“I purchased a Luggie Scooter years ago and have used it extensively both at home and overseas. The Luggie has been reliable, easy to handle with fantastic range and capable of travelling on all sorts of terrain.”

Scott S. Canberra, 2021

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