Luggie Eco

The Luggie Eco is just as lightweight and portable as the other Luggie Scooters.

Luggie Eco

Price: $3,690

Developed as a budget entry-level model, based on the original Luggie Standard, the Luggie Eco Mobility Scooter sits on the same highly engineered lightweight alloy frame, but instead of Li-ion batteries, relies on traditional SLA batteries. Less expensive but heavier, SLA batteries have been the mainstay of the mobility scooter industry for over 25 years.

SLA batteries are compliant with IATA, so you can take the Luggie Eco on a plane just like the more sophisticated models. And although heavier, SLA batteries have a higher range per charge, but a shorter life span.

The Luggie Eco Mobility Scooter is just as portable and functional as all the Luggie scooters, and at a budget price it is a great way start your journey with the Luggie brand.


Key features of the Luggie Eco.

Value for Money

Budget price entry model is great for those wanting to get into a Luggie at an affordable price. All the basic quality features without the bells and whistles. 

Luggie Eco Front

SLA Batteries

Sealed Lead Acid batteries are heavier than the Li-ion batteries in the more expensive models, but with higher capacity for an enhanced range. 

Fully Collapsible

Half fold allows for easier loading for one person, while full fold gives the flexibility of compact storage or for transporting when space is a premium. 

Luggie Eco Specifications

Individual specifications for the Luggie Eco Scooter. 

* Range is a conservative estimate only and is subject to terrain, payload, and battery condition. Carrying capacity quoted for flat surfaces.
Not to be used as a seat when being transported.
All specs may change at any time without prior notice and should be regarded as a guide only. 
Download Luggie International Standards summary HERE
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