Luggie Super Deluxe

The wide track version of the Super Plus for those that want more stability and comfort when tackling rugged terrain.

Luggie Super Deluxe

Price: $7,190

The Super Deluxe is the wide track version of the Super Plus, complete with front suspension and pneumatic tyres for those that want more stability and comfort when tackling rugged terrain. The Super Deluxe comes with a larger seat, and standard 10.5 A/H Li-ion batteries, which can be upgraded to 16.5 A/H Li-ions giving it a much higher range. With the well designed front suspension and larger pneumatic tyres on the rear, the ride is smooth and comfortable. The Super Deluxe has the extra carrying capacity of 160 kgs*. 


Key features of the Luggie Super Deluxe.

Wide Track Stability

The wider track on the front axle, combined with a wider rear axle gives the Luggie Deluxe range an enhanced stability, but with slightly higher turning circle. 

Soft Ride

Upgraded front wheel suspension and pneumatic rear tyres gives this model a softer ride over rough surfaces. 

High Carrying Capacity

The Luggie Supers have an even higher carrying capacity than the Elite models, making them suitable for larger people needing a heavy duty portable scooter. 

Luggie Super Deluxe Specifications

Individual specifications for the Luggie Super Deluxe Scooter. 

* Range is a conservative estimate only and is subject to terrain, payload, and battery condition. Carrying capacity quoted for flat surfaces.
Not to be used as a seat when being transported.
All specs may change at any time without prior notice and should be regarded as a guide only. 
Download Luggie International Standards summary HERE

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