Luggie Elite Deluxe

The wide track version of the Elite Plus mobility scooter, with front suspension and pneumatic tyres.

Luggie Elite Deluxe

Price: $5,950

The Luggie Elite Deluxe is a wide track version of the Elite Plus mobility scooter, with front suspension and pneumatic tyres. For those that want hightened stability and a more comfortable ride, this is the scooter to choose. The Luggie Elite Deluxe comes with standard 10.5 A/H Li-ion batteries that can be upgraded to 16.5 A/H, giving a much higher range. With the well designed front suspension and larger pneumatic tyres on the rear, the ride is smooth and comfortable. The Luggie Elite Deluxe mobility scooter has a 145 kg carrying capacity. 


Key features of the Luggie Elite Deluxe.

Wide Track Stability

The wider track on the front axle, combined with a wider rear axle gives the Luggie Deluxe range an enhanced stability, but with slightly higher turning circle. 

Soft Ride

Upgraded front wheel suspension and pneumatic rear tyres gives this model a softer ride over rough surfaces. 

Extra Weight Capacity

The Luggie Elite has a heavier carrying capacity and hill climbing ability than the Standard and Eco models. 

Luggie Elite Deluxe Specifications

Individual specifications for the Luggie Elite Deluxe Scooter. 

Luggie Elite Deluxe
99 x 58 cm
Armrest Width
51.5 cm
Weight w/o batteries, armrests
29.5 kg
Battery weight
2.2 kg
Carrying capacity
145 kg
Speed forward
6.4 kph
15-25 km
Turning Cycle
92.7 cm
Hidden Header
Ground clearance
2.5 cm
Seat size (L x W)
37.9 x 39.8 cm
Seat base height from ground
50.5 – 55.5 cm
Battery type, size
Li-ion, 10.5 Ah
5 amp
Tyres, front
152 mm solid
Tyres, rear
216 mm pneumatic

* Range is a conservative estimate only and is subject to terrain, payload, and battery condition. Carrying capacity quoted for flat surfaces.
Not to be used as a seat when being transported.
All specs may change at any time without prior notice and should be regarded as a guide only. 
Download Luggie International Standards summary HERE
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